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To all Supporters of Bollington Festival!

Thank you for your support and participation in Festival 2014! With your help the Festival Committee managed  to present a spectacular Festival in 2014.
Our next Festival is taking place 10th to 27th May 2019
and once again the big task of raising sufficient funds for this event is under way.

There are several ways you might be able to help us in our mammoth task; one is by joining the Festival 100 Club, another by becoming a Bollington Festival Friend.   We also need many volunteers! Take a look at the Festival 2019 web site where you will find details of all these and the necessary application forms:

>>>  <<<

Many thanks for your continued support!

Betsie Dixon - Bollington Festival 2019 Fundraising Co-ordinator

Welcome to the Happy Valley web site!

One of Cheshire's Market TownsExternal link, Bollington never stands still with a constant stream of artistic and volunteer endeavour from the Bollington Brass BandExternal link, the Festival Choir, Bollington Light Opera Group (BLOG), the Festival Players and so many other gifted groups.

The  Discovery Centre  can be found at Clarence Mill. Run by the Civic Society, it continues to be very popular with those wishing to discover more about the town and its history and view their amazing collection of historic pictures. Canalside The Thread Radio on 102.8fmExternal link has firmly established its popularity throughout the east Cheshire area. A wide range of sporting activity and achievement compliments all this fun.

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For details of What's On check your copy of Bollington Live!, look at the Arts Centre pagesExternal link or call the Information centre (01625−576311). A monthly What's On leaflet is available at the Town Hall and also available online hereExternal link.

The small town of Bollington is located about three miles north of MacclesfieldExternal link, 18 miles south east of Manchester, in north east Cheshire, in the north west of England - find us on the mapExternal link. It nestles in the western most foothills of the Pennine range of hills above the Cheshire plain, adjacent to the Peak District National Park; the boundary just enters the parish.

Clarence Mill, with the new bridge!It is a town borne of its rural origins with the industrialisation of the area beginning in the mid 18th century and rapidly developing in the 19th when several large cotton mills were built, coal mines were opened and stone quarried. The opening of the Macclesfield CanalExternal link in 1831 provided important industrial development incentive as did the railway that followed in the 1860's. In modern times the mills have been replaced by, usually, smaller businesses although there remain two large paper coating mills, our biggest industry today.

Tourism is increasingly important, the town providing an easy base for those interested in walking the hills (we hold an annual Walking Festival in late September), walking or boating the canal or walking or riding (bikes and horses) on the converted railway track, now known as the Middlewood Way.

Bollington rooftops - Peter EtheringtonKnown to its residents as the Happy Valley, this town is a village is a town! What do I mean? Well, it's a town of 7,300 population strung out over a distance of about two miles, never very wide, giving the feeling of one long village. Present day Bollington is really based around three villages that became merged together - Bollington Cross, West Bollington and Bollington, and on the edges you will find Kerridge on the high ground and Lowerhouse in the river Dean valley.

The Old Market Place, High StreetThere was a significant increase in the population during the 1970's, 80's and 90's turning the town into a dormitory for Macclesfield and Manchester. Bollington is regarded as a very desirable place to live and work. This has to do with the advantages of its beautiful location amongst the hills, known as the Cheshire Peak District, and the fact that the main street is, for all practical purposes, a no through road; the road does go through but leads mainly to places that can be reached more directly by other routes.

This page provides a range of links to other pages giving an in-depth view of the town and the interests of its population. Have fun! Note that Wednesday is traditionally half day (or early) closing day for shops in Bollington and many still follow this tradition by closing at lunch time - usually 1.00pm - but not the Post Office, pharmacy or the Co-op, all at West Bollington.

Some major projects are under way -

  • A Neighbourhood PlanExternal link is being developed. This will guide the planners, particularly where housing is concerned, up to 2030. There is considerable community involvement which will culminate in June 2017 with a referendum, open to all residents, on its acceptance or otherwise.

  • Local government reorganisation has lead to the need for Cheshire East Council (CEC) to dispose of large numbers of assets - buildings and open space. Bollington Town Council (BTC) have negotiated to take over a number of these assets and run them locally, mainly by use of volunteer groups such as that already running the Recreation Ground (although that remains in the hands of CEC who undertake a range of maintenance activities). The Civic Hall was taken over in April 2013 and has subsequently been given a good overhaul.

  • The Bridgend CentreExternal link celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015 and continues to provide support in many ways to those who need a helping hand. Open for coffee most days, it also has a fantastic range of useful second hand things for sale, including clothes, books and all kind of household utensils.

  • Friends of the Recreation Ground was established to look after this important green space in the centre of town. They have made a significant improvement to the facilities which accommodate cricket, football, tennis and bowls. They have won a Green Flag for quality open space every year since their formation!

  • The Civic Society have a  Discovery Centre  at Clarence Mill. This was opened by cousins John & Terry Waite, at the start of the 2005 Festival. It provides an insight into Bollington's heritage. Do come and join us there! Check out the Civic Society pages now!

If you know of any additional links please let me know. Many thanks.

Now for the details -- select a link from the list below or from the extensive navigation down the left hand column (pass your mouse over the links to see the sub links):

Oak Bank mill pond 
Oak Bank mill pond, Shrigley Road

Guides and Walks

Many walks guides are available from the Bridgend Centre and from the  Discovery Centre .

Bollington of Social Media

There are several very active pages on FacebookExternal link. Many members of the community have Facebook, Twitter or WatsApp pages.

Bollington on YouTube

There are now dozens, possibly hundreds of videos of Bollington and Bollington events saved on YouTube! Go and make a search and see what you can findExternal link!

Links marked External link open a new tab or window. On a PC use Ctrl/Tab to change tabs, Alt/Tab to change windows.

21 Years of the Happy Valley web site!

21 Years of the Happy Valley web site!