Clarence canal bridge, weeks 10-13!   
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Clarence Mill footbridge - construction, weeks 10-13

 Week 13

Facing the towpath side11 August - The handrails have arrived and are being installed on the Clarence side. When completed they will be along both sides of the ramps and the stairs. They are presently galvanised but will be painted black to comply with British Waterway's requirements.

 Week 12

Facing the towpath side7 August - A specialist paviour has almost completed laying the excellently coloured rough surfaced paving stones on the Clarence Road side. This is the finished surface we shall walk on.

Only the coping stones and hand rails and needed to finish the construction on this side.

Facing the towpath side7 August - On the towpath side the stone facing is almost complete, the coping stones are being finished off. The screeding and paving remain to be done next week.

The ground has been landscaped after this picture was taken by back filling almost to the top of the near wall with soil. Nature will very soon re-take this area.

Facing the towpath side7 August - Roy pointing the undersides of the coping stones.

 Week 11

Facing the towpath side31 July - Time was lost to rain this week. The Clarence Road side had its walking surfaces screeded in preparation for paving.

 Week 10

Facing the towpath side24 July - The towpath side ramps well under way and the stone facing almost up.

Facing the towpath side24 July - Roy and Dave working on the top of the stone facing.

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