Clarence canal bridge, weeks 14 & 15!  
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Clarence Mill footbridge - construction weeks 14 & 15

 Week 15 - Finishing off!

Painting the rails25 August - Only four days to go till the opening and it's a race against the weather to get the painting finished. Rain, some of it very heavy, has preventing painting on many days.

The bad weather is likely to prevent the bridge from being completely finished by the opening ceremony. However, it is already safely usable and will be open to use from the opening on Saturday morning.

Welding the rails into place25 August - Rails are being welded into place. The date stone now shows up clearly on the Clarence Road side.

Laying the turf25 August - "Green side up!" The safety fences have gone and the turf is being laid.

 Week 14 - the bridge is in place!

Lowering into position19 August 17:39 - the bridge lift took less than ten minutes. Here it is swinging over the water.

One end down19 August 17:41 - one end down. The bridge and the gap were millimetre perfect.

First crossing by engineers19 August 17:42 - the first crossing! Engineers cross to locate the towpath side.

First boat under19 August 18:04 - the first boat passes beneath the new bridge. They wondered what all the fuss was about! If they'd been waiting nine years perhaps they would have understood.

Proud engineer, Noel James19 August 18:12 - the proud CEC Bridge Designer, Noel James. From the practical point of view it has been his baby from the outset. Now very pleased and proud to see it safely in place.

The bridge builders19 August 18:14 - "I told you it should have been an inch longer!" Only joking boys! Roy and Dave discussing matters with Noel.

New view19 August 18:15 - new views. It's the same view but it looks completely different now.

Graham Barrow, the man who made it possible19 August 18:47 - the man who made it possible! Graham Barrow, Bollington Civic Society, has spent years cadjoling the project along, getting agreements from British Waterways, raising money from councils and other funding bodies. It finally all came right on the night!

Thanks a lot Graham!

As noted at the top of this page the other chap without whose efforts this bridging would not have happened is Richard Doran.

Thanks very much indeed Richard!

We distinctly remember Graham saying he would jump in the canal if the bridge wasn't ready for the Bollington Festival - the 2005 festival that is!

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