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bd. About 1815
dd. Deceased, age unknown
occ. Provisions dealer
bd. About 1815
dd. Deceased, age unknown


James DERBYSHIRE (~1844 - )

George DERBYSHIRE (~1845 - )

William Albert DERBYSHIRE (~1851 - )

Abigail DERBYSHIRE (~1856 - )

Ann DERBYSHIRE (1856 - )

Family notes for William DERBYSHIRE and Mary MAURICE

Family moved to Manchester in late 1860s. We are not clear where Golden Hall was/is. However, at that time Lowerhouse was known as 'Golden Thal' (German for Golden Valley), named by Samuel Greg Jnr who operated the mill there until 1847. Golden Thal later became Happy Valley, the name applied to the whole of Bollington today.

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