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Married: 1939; St Oswald's church, Bollington Cross, Cheshire UK [83]
bd. 1910
dd. 22 May 1977, age about 66
brd. Macclesfield crematorium, Cheshire UK
occ. Woodrow Universal. Mr. Hough started work with Woodrow on January 5, 1925. During his time with the Bollington firm he worked in most departments but principally as a dyer. For some years he was a timekeeper and in charge of the inquiry office. He was presented with a stereo radiogram ~ to mark 50 years work with the firm.
mil. He served in the army for six years during WWII and spent most of his service in the Far East with the 254th Indian Tank Brigade.
bd. 1914
dd. 2004, age about 90

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