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BirthFemale; 1799
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


BirthMale; About 1792; Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire UK
Death 1854, age about 62; Bollington, Cheshire UK
Death MemoAccidental death (see notes)
OccupationAgricultural labourer, employed on the Legh estate, Adlington Hall;
1851 Stone quarryman
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage Details not recorded
Children (6):Thomas (1822 - 1898)
Timothy (1827 - )
John (1829 - )
Catherine (1830 - )
Miriam (1831 - )
George (1834 - )

Notes for Charlotte POTT

1841 Living at Styperson Park, Adlington [13]

Notes for John HOUGH

1841 Living at Styperson Park, Adlington.

Death certificate records that he had died 'accidentally falling over a wall' and the informant was 'Thos Roscoe Deputy Coroner Knutsford'.

Coroner's Inquest.

On Thursday last an inquest was held before T. Roscoe Esq. deputy coroner at the Queen's Arms in Bollington, on the body of John HOUGH, aged 62, a labourer in the employ of CRB Legh Esq. of ADLINGTON. It appeared from the evidence that the deceased had been drinking at a beer house in Water Street, Bollington, which place he left about 8 o'clock on Tuesday evening with the intention of going home [at Breck Lane, Adlington].

The night being excessively dark it is supposed he stumbled over some loose stones where the battlement of the bridge in Water Street is broken down, and was precipitated into the water, a depth of 20 feet or upwards [more like 10 feet actually!]. The body was not discovered until daylight the following morning.

This being the second fatal accident occurring within a few months, from the neglect of properly fencing dangerous places within the public streets of this village, the coroner commented in very severe terms on the conduct of the surveyors of highways in thus neglecting to repair (or compelling the parties liable) and thereby causing such serious loss of life and hinted that if such highly dangerous places were not at once properly guarded and further accidents occurred in consequence there of future juries might take a different view of the matter and the surveyors placed in a painfully disagreeable position.

Verdict, accidental death.

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