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BirthFemale; 1817
Death 1844, age about 27
EducationMiss Needham's school, Chapel-en-le-Frith
ResidenceUnited Kingdom


BirthMale; 3 Sep 1799; Winwick with Hulme, Lancashire UK
Death23 Feb 1878, age 78; Haverstock Hill, London UK
Education1818 Repton School; 1819 sizar at Trinity College, Cambridge
OccupationVicar of St Christopher's church, Pott Shrigley, for more than 40 years
ResidenceParsonage, Pott Shrigley, United Kingdom
Web Page happy-valley.org.uk/pottshrigley/pottshrigley.htm
Marriage Details not recorded
Children (3):George (1828 - 1895)
Mary Susannah (1840 - 1930)
Hannah (1844 - 1940)

Notes for Hannah SWINDELLS

Hannah was very beautiful, married the Rev. James Sumner, but sadly died at the young age of only 27, just five days after the birth of her third child, also Hannah. Regarding her education - Chapel-en-le-Frith is about 9 miles from Bollington so it is probable that she was a weekly, or even termly, border.

Notes for Revd James SUMNER MA

Thought not to be related to his contemporary Dr John Bird Sumner, Archbishop of Canterbury.

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