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BirthMale; 1771
DeathAfter 27 Nov 1844, age about 73
OccupationYeoman, property developer and owner
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Web Page happy-valley.org.uk/families/hist-sheldon.htm


Married, 1794
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Marriage About 1794 [64]
Children (10):Mary ( - <1844)
David (1796 - 1853)
Ann ( - <1844)
Elizabeth ( - <1844)

Notes for Stephen SHELDON

His Will is available - see web link above. His Will is dated 27 November 1844 and we know he died in the same year.

Stephen Sheldon was a builder, and was in partnership with William Bradley (Slater) and Thomas Beard (Joiner), building cottages in Queen Street, Gnat Hole (Adlington Road), and elsewhere in Bollington. Thomas Beard married Elizabeth Sheldon, daughter of Steven Sheldon.

Family notes for Stephen SHELDON and Nancy PERCIVAL

In the absence of most birth dates, the children are listed in the order that they are mentioned in their father's Will. Notice that three of Stephen & Nancy's daughters predeceased Stephen. Nancy is not mentioned in Stephen's Will so it is probable that she, too, predeceased him.

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