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The world to your own doorstep!

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Google maps are the great new way of seeing the world right down to your own doorstep! In many places in the Happy Valley web site we provide you with a location map link to help you find what you want. These maps come with some very powerful capabilities and this page provides a short introduction to these. For further information please go to the Google maps home page.

  • The map is usually (but not always) sized to include the whole of the relevant area. For instance all of a street described on the page will be included in the map picture. Therefore a longer street will less close up than a short street. This is controlled by the zoom buttons (described below).
  • The map is presented in the Hybrid format. This is a photograph of the area with the street plan on top. In the top right corner there are three buttons, Map, Sat and Ter (or Hyb) - street map, satellite picture and terrain (or hybrid). Click any of these to get a different view of the same area.
  • In the top left corner are the four pan keys, up, right, down and left. Click these to move the picture in the desired direction. An easier way to move the picture is to click on the picture and hold down the left mouse key, then just move it about. The picture will move with the mouse pointer.
  • Below the pan keys are the zoom controls. Click on the plus sign to zoom in, the minus sign to zoom out.
  • All of this is easier to do on a bigger picture. Click on View Larger Map and a page will be displayed with the same picture in a larger frame. The zoom control will also be different, providing a slider which can also be clicked along its track.
  • Zooming can also be controlled on the Larger maps (not the small maps on the street pages) by rolling your mouse wheel, forwards for a closer view, backwards to draw back.