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logoThe Happy Valley web site is proud to be among the first web sites to be hosted on a server that relies solely on renewable energy. Happy Valley is served by 1&1 who believe in a sustainable society for all and that every business has a role in this responsibility. They have therefore made a strong commitment to fight pollution and preserve our natural resources. 1&1 now uses wind, water and solar power in accordance with the Renewable Energy Certification System (RECS)External link.

The use of renewable energy technologies reduces hazardous greenhouse gas emissions compared with conventional power plants.

1&1 Use Energy Efficiently

Happy Valley home page1&1 do not only strive to use clean energy, they also endeavour to use energy as efficiently as possible. In their European data centres, they run some 40,000 servers which consume between 50 and 60 Gigawatts per hour (GWh) [March 2008].

1&1 report that for years they have been using energy highly economically, with less than 20 per cent heat loss – one of the best figures in the industry they claim. As soon as the outside temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius, they cool their data centres using open-air coolers that work without energy-consuming compressors.

The choice of software also plays a critical role in saving electrical power. Based on Linux, 1&1 has developed its own operating system which uses server resources efficiently, saving valuable energy.

By hosting our site with 1&1, we choose an environmentally sound and sustainable future and directly support the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that come from conventional power plants.