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Methodism in the Bollington area

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From the list of subscriptions at Bollington, 18391:

  • Martin [I] Swindells Esq., 250Gns (250 guineas, £262.50)
  • Mrs Swindells, 100Gns
  • Martin [II] Swindells junior, 100Gns
  • Mrs M Swindells, 10Gns
  • Master Swindells, 30Gns
  • Mr George Swindells, 50Gns
  • Miss Swindells, 30Gns
  • Mrs Sumner, 50Gns
  • Master George Sumner, 20Gns
  • M Swindells Esq. in memory of the late Miss Swindells, 50Gns
  • Mrs Swindells in memory of her mother Mrs Shepley, 50Gns

These subscriptions alone added up to 740Gns (£777.00).

A memorial plaque to those members of the Kerridge Methodist Sunday School who were killed in the two wars was originally installed at this church, and on closure in 1982, it was moved to Holy Trinity church.


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