A Kerridge Childhood

An early 20th Century upbringing

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Enid Simpson

We are delighted to have been contacted by Enid's daughter, Lesley, who lives in the United States. The picture is, indeed, that of her mother Enid.

A wonderful text has come to light! It was written in 1980 by Enid Simpson, nee Oldfield, and it tells many stories of life during her childhood days in the 1920s living in Kerridge. It provides a fascinating insight into the life of a child in those far off days before the world became 'modern'. The stories are put together with great insight into the social life, living conditions, and daily activities of the time.

The text has been provided by someone who doesn't know Enid Simpson or the Simpson or Oldfield families. We hoped to make contact with Enid's family and are delighted to have heard from her daughter, Lesley, who lives in the USA. We have discovered1 that Enid lived in Kerridge and Bollington until 1929 before moving. In later life, as Mrs Enid Simpson, and widowed, she went to the United States to join her two daughters and four grandchildren, for whom she wrote down these reminiscences in 1980.

We provide on this page an index into the stories, which extend to over 27,000 words, and are all on additional pages!


The text we received was a poor photo-copy of an original which had been typed on a manual typewriter. The typewriter had some slightly damaged letters on it, particularly the letter 'm'. Rather than re-type the whole document we used optical character reading to convert the bulk of the text into editable computer text. However, the poor copy and the number of faulty letters meant that a considerable amount of editing was required to correct all the mistranslations. There was also one paragraph that was partially unreadable and we have done our best to re-draft this as near as possible in the original words. It is hoped that this editing has not altered the words used by Enid. Some of the spellings in the document were American and these have been reverted to the normal English.

The stories had no overall title so we have added 'A Kerridge Childhood'. One story had no title so we have added 'The Market'.

The list of chapters includes:

The pictures in some of the stories are taken from the Bollington Civic Society collection at the Discovery Centre, Clarence Mill. They are also available online.


  1. This collection of information was obtained from the Bollington Magazine, May 1990. The Bollington Magazine was the immediate predecessor of Bollington Live!