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Mobile phone theft

Theft of iPhones
This is a message sent via Cheshire Police Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Cheshire Constabulary
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Jane Thirsk (Police, Watch Officer, Knutsford)

Between 7.11.2013 and 9.11.2013 there have been three incidents of theft of mobile phones from the table in bars and restaurants.

On 7.11.2013 an iPhone disappeared from the table of a pub in the Knutsford area.
On 8.11.2013  an iPhone diappeared from the table of a restaurant in the Sunderland Street area of Macclesfield
On 9.11.2013 an iPhone disappeared from a table in a pub in the Wilmslow area.

In all three incidents the offenders were a male and female couple who appeared to be french. Both of them were in their 20's and both had dark hair. The female was wearing a cream coloured jacket and jeans.
They have approached members of the public with a map asking for directions. They place the map down on the table and then lift up the iphone with the map from the table before they leave.

It is thought they are using a dark Ford Mondeo bearing foreign plates

Please be warned

Jane Thirsk
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Watch Officer
Cheshire Police

Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 458 6371
Police non-emergency number: 101

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