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Expect the unexpected

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Since the 9/11 atrocity and subsequent events, the UK has never been so vulnerable to terrorism from so many different groups. The purpose of this bulletin is to offer practical advice so that you and your neighbours can help to ensure your community does not fall victim to terrorist activity.

Expect the Unexpected

+ Protect yourself and your community.

+ Terrorism is a crime like any other, so follow the same precautions you would normally take to avoid being a victim of crime.

+ Continue to go about your day-to-day activities in the normal manner, but remain alert and vigilant. For example, keep an eye out for suspect bags, packages or vehicles, or people acting suspiciously near to railway stations and Manchester airport. Report anything suspicious to the police or the appropriate authorities.

+ Trust your instincts - if you feel something is wrong, ring the police.

If you have information about possible bomb threats or other immediate threats, call 999

If you have information that relates to suspicious activity as exampled above, call 101

If you think you have identified a threat to National Security call MI5 on 020−7930 9000

Think about Terrorism

+ Don't help terrorists by leaving important identification documents, bank cards or other financial documentation vulnerable to theft.

+ Take note of your surroundings - on your journey to work, the shops and other places you frequently visit, ask yourself if there is anything out of place or out of the ordinary.

+ Terrorists need somewhere to live, buy supplies, store equipment and vehicles to move around in.

Homewatch schemes can help

Experience has shown that communities defeat terrorism. Together, the police and public can reduce the danger posed by terrorists and you are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour.

Please join, and encourage new neighbours to join, your local homewatch scheme. There are several in Bollington - checkout the page.