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On recently becoming 70 years of age the victim of this scam had applied to DVLA to renew his driving licence, as required by every driver at that age.

Coincidently, a few days later he received a phone call from someone purporting to be from DVLA. The caller said it was about a speeding incident and not the new licence, and asked if he had been the driver of a black BMW allegedly involved in a speeding incident. The caller asked if the victim would clarify his name and other personal details, which he did.

The victim was then contacted a few days later by a NatWest bank official who informed him that a male had gone into a branch impersonating him and trying to withdraw money. The bank were suspicious and had denied the transaction.

The male was caught on CCTV and police investigations are underway. It is believed that the phone caller had a Welsh accent and the male impersonator at the bank had a Birmingham accent.

It is possible, even probable, that this scam is really based on the pretext of speeding and aimed at any driver, and nothing to do with being 70. Please be cautious if you receive any such call, what ever age you are. Remember - speeding incidents are investigated by the police and not by DVLA. Never give any personal details to callers over the phone.

... and another case

Another Homewatch member has informed me that his son, who I believe lives in the Congleton area, was contacted by a male purporting to be from the DVLA. The caller mentioned that a fine for speeding involving a BMW in Glasgow had not been paid.

His son advised the caller that he neither drove a BMW nor had ever been in Glasgow. The caller asked him to confirm his postcode, which he did.

Later a male and female, purporting to be the son, called into a bank and managed to withdraw £700 from his account. They used the postcode as a security check at the bank. Another bank later contacted him to say that a man and woman had come into their bank with the tale that they needed money urgently and that they could not remember the account number. The signed withdrawal form did not correspond with the correct signature on the account and the offenders were not successful in obtaining cash.

The banks were located in Chipping Camden and elsewhere in the Cotswolds.

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