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There is a serious problem regarding the theft of technology based items from motor vehicles. The technology itself is being used by thieves to pinpoint the location of devices, leading to the theft of those devices.

Everyone appreciates that if you leave a portable device on view in a vehicle it is likely to get stolen by someone who can see it through the windows. This has resulted in many laptop PCs, mobile phones and, more recently, GPS sat nav systems being stolen.

The police have always advised that such devices should be hidden from view in the boot. However, thieves are now using the emissions from such devices to pinpoint the vehicles in which they are present and they are detecting where in the vehicle they are being carried. So the devices are no longer invisible even when stored in the boot!

The technique being used is the bluetooth communications system that most of these portable devices are fitted with. A bluetooth enable mobile phone is all that is required to carry out a search.

This type of theft is becoming much more frequent especially in car parks and rural beauty spots. Thieves are targeting the quieter places because they are less likely to be seen and there is no CCTV surveillance. Offenders enter car parks, especially in the rural areas, and turn on mobile phones to look for other devices in the area with bluetooth.

If PCs, mobile phones or sat nav systems have been hidden in the boot whilst drivers are away from their vehicle, they are returning to find offenders have entered the vehicle and stolen the devices.

Protect yourself

It is not enough to hide these systems out of sight. They must be taken with you when you leave your vehicle unattended.

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