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logoBig increase in Thefts from Cars!

Police have issued a 'lock it up' warning after a big increase in thefts from cars in the central area of Macclesfield. Forty one thefts have been reported in the town centre and nearby estates during the past month. More than half of them were from vehicles which had been left unlocked.

Detective Sergeant Dan Ackerley, in charge of Cheshire Police Eastern Area vehicle crime unit said, "To have more than forty thefts in a month is exceptional. It is about sixty per cent up on the average monthly figure.

"We believe several criminals are involved and we are following a number of lines of inquiry, but the fact is that many of these thefts could have been prevented. The drivers simply needed to click the key to lock the car doors when they parked up.

"It is hard to understand why people don’t take the trouble to do that, especially as most of these vehicles were parked overnight in the street and close to the owners’ homes. The property stolen included satnavs, iPods, CD players, and rucksacks with various items inside. In many cases the goods had been left in the car, clearly visible to anyone who was prowling about looking for something to steal.

"Car criminals are opportunists. They want to make a quick search of the vehicle, take what is available and get away. If you leave the car unlocked and valuables on show you are presenting them with the perfect scenario. In most cases these crimes would have been prevented if the drivers had simply locked the cars and taken the property with them.”

Anyone who has any information about the thefts from vehicles in Macclesfield can contact Sgt Dan Ackerley by calling the Cheshire Police Information line 101, or you can leave information anonymously on the Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111.

Please be aware and report anything suspicious.

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Cheshire Police

Macclesfield Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 458 6371
Police non-emergency number: 101

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