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There are a few booklets about Kerridge that I know of listed here. Several of the many books written about neighbouring Bollington also make reference to Kerridge so you might like to have a look at the Bollington books page. If you know of others please send me a message about it! Thanks.

White Nancy, The Official Guide to Bollington, Bollington Town Council, regular editions.

When Nancy was Young ..., Stan Braddock, Ed, Festival Committee, Revised 1980. Last few copies now on sale at the Discovery Centre!

Bollington & Kerridge, 1830 - 1980, William S. Broster,1980. Last few copies now on sale at the Discovery Centre!

Walks Around Bollington (3 sheets), Festival Committee, 1980.

The Industrial Revolution in East Cheshire, George Longden, Groundwork Trust, 1988. Though not entirely about Bollington and Kerridge, this history based on six themed walks provides very interesting text and old photographs of the area as well as being an excellent guide to walking the town.

The booklets were usually published for Bollington festivals. Consequently, they are not always available for very long afterwards. Those available at the Discovery Centre are noted sbove. Some may still exist on the bottom shelves of local newsagents, shops, Bollington Town Hall or the Drop In Centre.