Panoramic view from The Saddle, Kerridge Hill

Picture copyright 2001 Roger Fielding

To the left we look south with Sutton Common (with the telecom transmitter on top), Bosley Cloud just visible and Mow Cop
all on the horizon.
Macclesfield, with AstraZenenca at Hurdsfield. Looking west. On the horizon is Alderley Edge. Winter Hill, Bolton, on the horizon at the right edge of the sector is 32 miles away with
Woodford airfield below. Manchester airport is the light dots on the horizon. Looking north west.
Looking along the saddle, White Nancy is behind the trees at the far end and the Nab hill is a little to the right. Looking north. Bakestonedale hill with Billinge Hill (up Blaze Hill) to the right. Rainowlow and Big Low. Looking east. Part of Rainow with Cats Tor beyond. Looking south east.

The picture is composed of 5 or 6 ordinary pictures merged together using a special program which can identify the common edges and turn them into one picture where it is quite hard to see the joins!