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Derelict greenhouse on the back wall

It's a very big space!

The apple trees survived

A variety of vegetables already planted

The back wall is the warmest part of the garden

Through the entrance gate, White Nancy in the distance

This group was newly established in Spring 2012. They have been given permission to garden the huge walled garden, about three quarters of an acre, at Ingersley Hall (Savio House). The site is magnificently located on a south west facing slope and surrounded by high and protective walls. Although derelict at the start, all the basic infrastructure is still in place. Once the overgrowth of grasses and weeds has been removed there will no doubt be a garden of excellent soil in which to grow superb vegetables, fruit and flowers.

KRIV stands for Kerridge Ridge & Ingersley Vale which was the title of a restoration project that very successfully improved the infrastructure and environment in those places over five years in the 2000s. The project established a committed group of practical people who undertook much of the physical work required to implement the KRIV project. When that project ended (they had only five years funding) the group decided to continue their regular weekly working parties in the area, and elsewhere in Bollington, and have done sterling work over the past three years.

Their base has always been at Ingersley Hall (Savio House) and they have done a great deal of good work on the Ingersley estate. They have long recognised the wasted resource that was once a wonderful productive walled garden and they have now obtained permission from the Catholic church authorities to bring the garden back into productive use once again.

The garden is a community partnership project involving local volunteers and the Salesians of Don Bosco at Savio House in Rainow parish. Anyone who wants to contribute their labour will be welcome and the products of the garden will be available to anyone who contributes and for sale to the local community.

Work is being carried out every week and progress can be followed on their blog, link below.

Additional active members are eagerly sought by this group!

(Please DO NOT contact Savio House about this project)
Change of contact, awaiting new information.

blogExternal link (follow progress here!)

Please note: There is presently no public access permitted to this garden.