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The Boundary Committee are presently reviewing Cheshire East with a view to recommending council ward boundary changes.

They have already decided to keep 82 seats on Cheshire East Council (rather than fewer or more) as there are now and making proposals regarding the sub-division of the Cheshire East area into wards that will support 82 councillors of roughly equal numbers of electors per council seat.

Their draft proposals have been published in November 2009.

Presently Bollington is in a ward that includes Rainow, Pott Shrigley, Kettleshulme and Disley - a very large, mainly rural, ward with very little relationship between the Bollington end and the Disley end. Three councillors represent the ward.

The Boundary Committee is proposing to cut this ward so that Bollington has two councillors. The area covered would be Bollington and Higher Hurdsfield. This ward would have 6% fewer electors per councillor than the authority average. The objective is plus or minus 10% so those parameters are met by this proposal.

There will now be a consultation period, during which the committee encourage comment upon the Boundary Committee's draft recommendations on the proposed electoral arrangements for Cheshire East Council contained in the report. They take this consultation very seriously and it is therefore important that all those interested in the review should let them have their views and evidence, whether or not they agree with these draft proposals.

The committee will take into account all submissions received by 1 February 2010. Any received after this date may not be taken into account. They would particularly welcome local views backed up by demonstrable evidence. They will consider all the representations submitted to them during the consultation period before preparing their final recommendations.

Express your views by writing to:

Review Officer
Cheshire East Review
The Boundary Committee for England
Trevelyan House
Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2HW

Comments can also be submitted by email to:

Please note that the committee are restricted in the way that they can divide up the area and these restrictions should be studied before you submit comments involving changes to the boundaries.


The committee web site contains links to a selection of maps. The only one relevant to Bollington in 'Map 1: large map of the area'. This map is, indeed, very large at 55Mb.