Deanway including Bollin Heights & Millbank Court

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Bollin HeightsDeanway has been completed in 2008 on the Millbank site between High Street and Lord Street. The site is in two sections each having a name, Bollin Heights and Millbank Court; enough names there to confuse anybody trying to find their way! The approach isn't straightforward either ...

Approach Deanway off Lord Street via Cumberland Drive for Bollin Heights. Millbank Court vehicular access may be from Bollin Heights or from High Street via Park Street; check which side before you try to find your target property. There is a pedestrian connection between Bollin Heights, Millbank Court and the lower part of Millbank Court.

Nearest shops - Palmerston Street, accessible via Park Street and High Street.

Nearest pubs - Crown Inn.

Council Ward - Central.

Mill Bank Court

Google street view does not extend into Deanway. However, it does show Millbank Court but labeled as Park Street.

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Please note - at the time of putting this page together this new development did not show on the Google map. It is in the area to the northwest of the words 'Cumberland Dr'.