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Street View is now available on most street pages and pubs, cafés, restaurants and accommodation pages.


Bollington is now included in the Street View facility of Google Maps and it looks as though it was filmed on a fine and sunny summer morning! So the whole town looks brilliant.

To find your street and house use the following link: Bollington street viewExternal link, then ...

  • Double click on the area of town where you live;
  • Repeat until you can see the street name;
  • In the top left corner of the map there is a little man;
  • Left click on him and drag him towards your street;
  • You will see the streets show up with a blue outline;
  • Beneath the man there is a green dotted circle;
  • Put the circle over your street and let go the button;
  • The screen will reload with the street view;
  • Look around by dragging the picture left or right, up or down;
  • Move along the street by:
    • double clicking on the rectangles or ellipses that appear when you move the mouse along the street view. Rectangles can also be used to zoom in;
    • or click on the arrows to move an increment forward or backward;
    • or use the control buttons in the top left corner

If you appear in person and don't wish to be seen there is a process to request to have yourself removed from the picture. All vehicle number plates are already obscured. 

Have fun!