Waterhouse estate including Leat Place, Lomas Close and Waterwheel Way

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Wellington Road at its junction with the Waterhouse mill estatePresently under development.

Where used to stand Waterhouse mill, there is now a new estate of Belway homes. Work on the site started in early 2014 and it is expected to take about two years to complete the 91 properties.

Approach from Wellington Road adjacent to the Co-op store.

Access to Leat Place, Lomas Close and Waterwheel Way.

Nearest shops - at several points in Wellington Road: The Co-op foodstore at the entrance to the Waterhouse estate, the Pharmacy at the Waterhouse (beside the Medical Centre), the Post Office at Garden Street and a variety of shops at the junction with Grimshaw Lane.

Bollington Medical Centre and the Pharmacy are adjacent to the site.

Nearest pubs - Bayleaf, Dog & Partridge.

Council Ward - Central.

Waterhouse mill has an illustrious history which is fully described on other pages.