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Bollington Conservation Area

This Conservation Area (CA) covers most of Old Bollington as well as Ingersley Vale and the vale of the River Dean all the way over to Rainow including the group of properties around Hough-hole Farm.

Clarence MillThe boundary runs on the south side of Rainow Mill (in Ingersley Vale) including the mill pond and Dyers Close including all the properties on Lord Street except those at the very top (they are in the Kerridge CA). The boundary runs down High Street not including the properties on the west side. It then includes all the properties in Water Street but not Hazelhurst Drive. The boundary runs up Clarence Road including Rock Bank and Limefields, then up Green Lane, not including the farm, protecting the quarries above Beeston Mount, the first few properties in Cocksheadhey Road, all of those on Beeston Mount. Shrigley Road is included up to Beeston Mount on the north side and No.51 on the south side. The boundary finds its way across the fields including the Vicarage and comes out at the foot path on Ingersley Road. It then crosses the road to include the bungalow and the burial ground and then along the back of the properties on Church Street until Ingersley Vale. None of the properties on the north side of the Vale are protected until we reach the mill cottages.

The protected area along the vale of the River Dean includes all the built properties, mill ponds and heritage artefacts such as the waterfall.

In July 2006 Macclesfield Borough Council varied the boundary of the Bollington and Kerridge conservation area in pursuance of its powers under section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The purpose was to include additional properties within the conservation area. These properties include 61-95 Ingersley Road, Sowcar Farm and 3 and 5 Mill Lane.

A project was carried out in 2007 to enhance three streets in this conservation area - Water Street, High Street (part) and Palmerston Street (part) - known as the Historic Triangle project.

The following text is taken with kind permission from Macclesfield Borough Council's Conservation Area Guide for Owners & Occupiers.

Many properties in this CA are also subject to Article Four Direction which imposes further controls over alteration of the properties. The following properties are included within the Borough of Macclesfield (Bollington and Kerridge, Macclesfield) Article 4 Direction 1992.


Allen Street 1-5 (odd nos. incl.)

Beeston Brow 7-13 (odd nos. incl.), 2-10 (even nos. incl.), Plant Cottage

Beeston Mount 2-22 (even nos. incl.), 1 and 3, 19 and 21

Chapel Street 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

Church Street 2-22, 26-94 (even nos. incl.)

Cocksheadhey Rd. 2-18 (even nos. incl.)

Foundry Street 1-9 (odd nos. incl.)

High Street 63-85 (odd nos. incl.), 42-68 (even nos. incl.), 73a and 73b

Ingersley Road 7-23 (odd nos. incl.)

John Street 2-8 (even nos. incl.)

Lord Street 2-54 (even nos. incl.), 5-41 (odd nos. incl.) and 21a

Lowther Street 2 and 4

Market Place 23-41 (odd nos. incl.)

Mountpleasant 3-9 (odd nos. incl.)

Nancy View 2 and 4

Oldham Street 2-26 (even nos. incl.), 1-27 (odd nos. incl.)

Palmerston Street 5-13 (odd nos. incl.), 55- 79 (odd nos. incl.), 72 only

Park Street 2-12 (even nos. incl.), 1-7 (odd nos. incl. )

Queen Street 2-14 (even nos. incl.), 26-40 (even nos. incl.), 25 and 27

Sheldon Place 2-6 (even nos. incl.)

Shrigley Road 6-18, 20-58 (even nos. incl.), 1-35 (odd nos. incl.)

Turner Street 1-13 (odd nos. incl.)

Water Street 8-56 (even nos. incl.), 11-35 (odd nos. incl.), 35a-49 (odd nos. incl.), 53-75 (odd nos. incl.), 75a and 77a, 77-81 (odd nos. incl.)

The following properties are included within the Borough of Macclesfield (Bollington and Kerridge, Macclesfield) (No.2) Article 4 Direction 1993.


High Street 2 and 4, 28/30, 32-36 (even nos. incl.), 3-13 (odd nos. incl.), 17, 55-59 (odd nos. incl.)

Palmerston Street 32-36 (even nos. incl.), 44 and 46, 56-60 (even nos. incl.), 64 and 66, 3, 15 and 15a, 19-27 (odd nos. incl.), 29a, 29b and 29c, 31-37 (odd nos. incl.), 53 and 53a, 98 and 100

Shrigley Road 2 and 4

Store Street 1

Water Street 1, 5 and 7

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