Panoramic view from White Nancy

Narrow angle

The town from White Nancy
Picture copyright 2003 Roger Fielding

Southwest Avenue estate and Bollington Cross is in the middle distance to the left. The big building is Adelphi Mill and Lowerhouse Mill is to its right below the smoke. West Bollington - houses on Hurst Lane, and at Kerridge to left. The Macclesfield Canal runs across the embankment through the trees to the left of Clarence Mill. Old Bollington, the large white building is the Tullis Russell paper coating mill (Lower Mill). St. John's church on Church Street with the Nab hill beyond is above the new Dyers Court at the bottom of the picture. Clarence Mill is to the left of this sector with Limefield House to its right. The wooded hillside masks Beeston quarries. Pott Shrigley is in the distance to the right of Nab Hill. Looking north. Ingersley Vale runs off the bottom of the picture to the right. Bakestonedale hill which is full of 200 year old bell pits.

The picture is composed of several ordinary pictures merged together.