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Plans to change the parking restrictions through Bollington prompted a public consultation exercise which took place in Bollington Civic Hall on January 22nd 2009. The proposed changes to parking restrictions throughout the main streets of the town are progressing through the legal requirements and will be implemented in October 2009.

ConsultationMaps showing the proposed changes are on display and Rob Cramer, CCC Highway Engineer (right), together with Bollington Town Councillors, were on hand to explain the proposals. Roads affected are mainly along the B5090 route through the town at its junctions with other roads, viz:

  • the junction of Bollington Road with Kingsway,
  • the junction of Henshall Road with Ashbrook Road,
  • the junction of Henshall Road and Wellington Road with Grimshaw Lane,
  • the junction of Wellington Road with Albert Road,
  • the junction of Wellington Road with Irwell Rise,
  • waiting bays on Wellington Road outside the Waterhouse Medical Centre,
  • the area on Wellington Road outside the Methodist Church and Town Hall,
  • the junction of Wellington Road with Adlington Road,
  • the junction of Palmerston Street with Water Street, back as far as Hazelhurst Drive,
  • Palmerston Street at Bridgend,
  • the junction of Shrigley Road with Oak Bank Drive,
  • the junction of Shrigley Road with Shrigley Rise and Beeston Mount,
  • also High Street between Palmerston Street and Store Street.

Cllr. Ken EdwardsCllr. Ken Edwards is Secretary to the Town Council’s Highways Enhancement Group and asks “Are you fed up with people parking on junctions? Are you sick of more yellow paint on our roads?  Do you want available parking marked more clearly?”

“Whatever your thoughts and feelings, Bollington Town Council is proposing increased traffic regulation in Bollington to provide more parking and to ensure safety at junctions.”

“If  you would like to comment on the plans so your views can be taken into account please do so. Your views matter to us.”

He added, “We are very keen to hear from residents before making our final recommendations to Cheshire County Council Highways Department.”

These proposals are based on discussions between Bollington Town Council, the Chairman of the Town Plan group Professor Michael Burdekin, and Cheshire Highways. The discussion came after publication of the 2007 Parking Survey report prepared by the Town Plan group.

There are, as always, pros and cons for change to the parking regime ...


  • An attempt to obtain more orderly parking;
  • Reduced congestion;
  • Increased safety on junctions;
  • Fewer holdups as you drive through the town.


  • Reduced parking space;
  • More yellow or double yellow lines;
  • Less business at local shops because customers can't find anywhere to park;
  • No more parking outside the house for some residents;
  • Once laid, lines can only be removed with great difficulty, so we don't want to change our minds later!
  • Some of these proposals do not seem to offer any benefit at all;
  • Increased likelihood of certain areas becoming a council cash cow through parking fines;
  • Increase in urbanisation of our small town.


After a similar scheme in Knutsford residents complained that they had nowhere to park at night. MBC agreed that they could have some additional parking bays along the street (the same ones that had been eliminated by the parking scheme) and charged the residents £15 per year for the privilege of using them! I think we should avoid getting ourselves into this kind of situation in Bollington.

The objective seems to be to try and create a road which at every point is sufficiently wide to enable a car to pass a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV). I personally can't see why we should try to achieve this. All it does is open up the road to those who would go faster. The present situation ensures that vehicles have to slow down and even stop at various places along the road. Even the speeders recognise that they may have to slow round the next corner. There are really only two periods in the day when Bollington has a problem - school in and school out. Other than those periods, for which these changes will have little beneficial effect, I can't see why anyone could reasonably complain about having to wait a few seconds at the worst pinch points.

Some of the proposals will not, in my opinion, provide any benefit; they will simply move a problem along the road and make it worse overall. Most of the proposals will depend for their success on compliance. As there is very little enforcement activity drivers will soon start to park on the new lines causing the same problems that we have now. If the enforcers move in some sections of road will simply become a council cash cow. Residents will soon be agitating for 'something to be done'.

If you have a view please email the webmaster and we will find space here for you.

Bollington Town Council

The proposals have been drawn up for the Town Council and have been discussed by the Highways Improvement Committee, chaired by Cllr. Ken Edwards. You can express your opinion to him by email or you can send a message to the Town Clerk for distribution to relevant councillors.