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The first Parish Plan

In 2004 Bollington developed a Parish Plan under the Government's scheme for returning the development of communities to the people who live in them. The project was called Your Bollington! This was a once in a generation opportunity to tell the planners and politicians what we, the people of Bollington, want the town to become in the next couple of decades.

The Parish Plan for 2004 was completed in December 2004. It was designed to be updated annually or as necessary. It is available to look at on line ...

Parish Plan 2004  - this is the printed version, 48 pages (PDF 2038k)
This is a large file! Recommended for broadband users only. There may still be printed copies are available free at the Town Hall and the Discovery Centre but they are running out fast!

An introduction to the Town Plan process was given in presentations to an open meeting of the Civic Society in September 2003 and at presentations given at the Town Hall in October 2003, after which volunteers were called for the Steering Group and for the Focus Groups.

The project was supported by the Countryside Commission, the Cheshire Community Council and Macclesfield Borough Council, to all of whom we offer our grateful thanks.

Our thanks go especially to John Cooke of the Cheshire Community Council who gave several presentations and greatly helped us through the whole process.

Implementation progress

Implementation Progress report, June 2007, 1 page (PDF 24k)
This document records the activities undertaken and the progress made since December 2006 in implementing the recommendations of the Parish Plan, in particular the Historic Triangle and street furniture.

Cheshire East Council provide a number of documents in response to recommendations in the Parish Plan. Please go to the Conservation Areas page for details and links.

Organisation - project Steering Group

A Steering Group for the Your Bollington! project was set up at an open meeting on 10th November 2003. A Steering Group was elected.

The Steering Group met approximately monthly throughout the project. Their task is now complete. Since adoption of the plan a new committee was established (including many of the same people) to oversee implementation of the recommendations.


The process required a number of Focus Groups to be set up, each to be populated by a number of volunteer contributors who will select a Convener to administer the group. There was no fixed size for these groups.

Each group was represented on the Steering Group by one or more of its members and they were required to report back at the regular Steering Group meetings.

The first meeting of the Steering Group determined that at least the Focus Groups listed should be established and appointed a provisional convener for each. Anyone with an interest was welcomed to join one or more of these Focus Groups. Later in the process it was recognised that the Land & Environment focus group had such a wide mandate that it was decided to break it down into several smaller groups to research discrete subjects.